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Announcing the ABPMP Toronto Chapter 2018 Board of Directors


Nominations and Elections Process

ABPM Toronto Chapter began seeking nominations for the 2018 Board of Directors in early March. The committee informed all members outlining the eligibility requirements and responsibilities for all open board positions. Nominations closed on March 19, 2018.  

Per the Chapter bylaws, board positions that had no contested offices are nominated positions and were not placed on the election ballot. Open positions that have no candidates may be filled by appointment of the President (with the new board’s approval) if, and as soon as, qualified candidates are identified. The President’s and all other Directors’ term of office are two years.

ABMP Toronto 2018 Board of Directors Positions

We are pleased to announce the following nominations to the ABPMP Toronto Chapter 2018 Board of Directors. The candidates assumed their positions as of May 1, 2018.

  • President - Pritesh Mistry
  • VP of Marketing & Communications - Edmund Wong
  • VP of Operations - Sridhar Kethandapatti
  • VP of Technology - Claudia Arianna

The following positions will remain open:

  • VP of Membership
  • VP of Programs and Educational Services


Congratulations to our new officer, Edmund Wong, and our continuing officers, Pritesh, Sridhar and Claudia. We would also like to thank our past board members, Denise Coelho and Gilbert Esmele, for their leadership and contributions. We look forward to engaging the ABPMP Toronto Chapter membership. 

Thank you for your support!

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